About the Chapter

The idea of creating the Canada chapter for the International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA) was conceived during the conversations of Grace Y. Yi with Minghui Chen at a conference in 2011. With the tremendous help from multiple parties, including Naisyin Wang (2011 ICSA President),  Ivan Chan (2012 ICSA President),   Minghui Chen (2013 ICSA President),  the ICSA Board, and notably, Shuyen Ho (2011-2013 Executive Director), Grace Y. Yi embarked on preparing  the proposal of establishing the first chapter of ICSA:  the ICSA-Canada Chapter. The proposal was approved by the ICSA Board on February 29, 2012. The first Executive Committee of the ICSA-Canada Chapter consists of Grace Y. Yi (Founding Chair), Wendy Lou (Treasurer/Secretary), Jiahua Chen, James Fu, and Jack Lee.

The mission of the ICSA- Canada Chapter is to promote statistical science and its application under the umbrella of the ICSA. The chapter aims to engage with professional activities that the ICSA commits and advocates. These activities include, but are not limited to, holding research conferences, encouraging interaction among researchers and fast dissemination of new research results, promoting statistical education and application of statistical science, and raising awareness and appreciation of the value of statistical thinking to the society.


Our constitution can be found here.